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2703 7th st
Berkeley, California

small batch dark chocolate, handcrafted in Berkeley

pronounced "bee-zoo" 




AMERICAN   76%   our two ingredient bar: just cocoa beans & organic whole cane sugar; an intense bar that is expressive of the origin

SILK             78%    a very smooth four ingredient bar: cocoa beans, organic whole cane sugar, a touch of organic cocoa butter & judiciously added organic vanilla; a mild couverture

BITTER         86%    our three ingredient bar: cocoa beans, organic whole cane sugar, & a kiss of organic cocoa butter; this high percentage bar melts in your mouth while enjoying a slightly sweet experience of fine flavour cacao

NIBS               87%     roasted cocoa nibs are mixed into the BITTER mass during tempering for this bar, delivering a delightful textural juxtaposition that redefines the flavor as well

NOIR             100%     roasted cocoa nibs



COCAO 50% a sweet yet delightful coconut chocolate

organic coconut + cacao = cocao!

CBR 50% organic crispy brown rice in our cocao


sold out



Hand painted chocolate hollow bunny cast in an antique mold four bunnies at a time, each one unique in detail. These bunnies are available with either our elegant Silk dark chocolate or sweeter Cocao coconut chocolate, one or the other is sure to please. approximately 6" x 2" x 2" VERY LIMITED THIS LAST WEEK IF SOLD OUT HERE PLEASE CONTACT US AS WE MIGHT STILL HAVE A FEW

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